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Unique system
This website gives a complete and detailed explanation of the unique system of line colours that is being used for the tram lines (and later on also for the light-rail and metro lines) in Amsterdam since 1903.

The public transport authority
Starting in 1900 the public transport in Amsterdam is being provided by Gemeentetram, from 1943 by Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam and since 2003 by GVB.

By clicking on the links below the historic development of the line-colour system can be explored, including the history of the tram, light-rail and metro lines.
On several places links have been made to the history of the route of a line or to a list of all station names and destinations of a line. Recent pictures show the line-colours as used at this moment in practice.


The history of the tram

The history of the metro

The line colours of the tram lines

The line colours of the light-rail and metro lines

All possible combinations

New developments

Interesting websites

Used literature



For this website I have been using photos that I made by myself, photos that I have borrowed from others and photos that have been provided to me. The date and name of the photographer has been added to each photo. Thanks to Wouter van Beek, Thomas Immekus, Rob van der Klooster, Remco Mulder, Gerrit Prins, Martijn Roos, Hans Schuckmann, Danny Soetens, Frank Stuifbergen and Kees Verhulst for their contribution.

All pictures of the line colours, line films, station names and destinations have been made by myself using CorelDraw. The maps have been provided to me. Thanks to Alain Lemaire and Hans de Haan for their contribution.

The photos and pictures may be used freely, given they will be provided with the source.

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